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General Terms


·         To place your order, send email to translator @ ksbtranslation.com. You will receive a response in a few hours (less than twenty-four hours outside office hours). For an immediate response, call us at +62-81574117720

·         The job will be delivered within the terms and on the support agreed to, i.e. by e-mail, FTP, paper, etc. Expenses incurred for courier services, printing and fax are paid by the client.

·         Delivery terms are provided when the quote is made.

·         All orders require a prior estimate, which must be confirmed by e-mail.

·         The estimate remains subject to approval between the original and the estimate (especially in the case of indicative estimates generated solely from information, with no access to the material).

·         We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of any information supplied to us.

·         Regular clients may request quote exemption (unless when explicitly requested).

·         The format of the translation must also be agreed to beforehand.


·         VAT: VAT is only applied to companies, professionals, and individuals resident in Indonesia.

·         If the project, once underway, is cancelled or rescinded at the request of the client, payment must be made for all work carried out (including non-revised work).

·         Our invoices are only sent via electronic format.

Forms of payment:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Moneybookers


Once payment has been confirmed, the text will be delivered via the procedure agreed to.

Rush jobs

For rush jobs, the surcharge is determined on an individual basis according to the following factors (considering their level of complexity and our technical and human efforts to adjust them day by day):

  1. Language pair (some languages make for swifter handling than others)
  2. Format
  3. Volume: the greater the volume, the greater our working margin - with good planning - to adjust to the delivery period
  4. Availability at the given moment
  5. Nature of the original: uniformity, terminology, etc.